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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
at86rf212.h [code]AT86RF212 - 700/868/900MHz IEEE 802.15.4-2006-Transceiver
at86rf230a.h [code]AT86RF230 Rev.A 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4-Transceiver
at86rf230b.h [code]AT86RF230 Rev.B 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4-Transceiver
at86rf231.h [code]AT86RF231 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4-2006-Transceiver
board.h [code]Interface for Board Definitions
board_derfa.h [code]Dresden Elektronik Radio Module deRFmega128-22A001
board_ict230.h [code]Definition 2.4G Module from In-Circquit with AT86RF230 and Atmega1281 (V1.0)
board_ict_11.h [code]Definition 2.4G Module from In-Circquit with AT86RF230B and Atmega1281 (V1.1)
board_lgee.h [code]Definition of Accelerometer Sensor Board by Daniel Thiele
board_rbb.h [code]Definition of Radio Controller Breakout Board (light and normal) from Dresden Elektronik
board_rbbrfa1.h [code]Definition of Radio Controller Breakout Board (light and normal) from Dresden Elektronik, ATmega128RFA1 version
board_rdk230.h [code]Atmel Radio Development Kit, AT86RF230 Radio Adapter with Atmega1281.

This board wiring fits the Atmel radio development kit and/ or Dresden Elektronil RCBxxx family. hardware and compatibles

board_rzusb.h [code]Atmel Raven Development Kit, USB Stick, AT86RF230 Radio Adapter with Atmega1287
board_stb.h [code]This board is describes the Sensor Terminal Board from Dresden Electronic. It is a carrier board for the RCB family
board_stk541.h [code]This board is describes the STK541 that comes with Atmels ATAVRRZ541 Packet Sniffer Kit
board_stkm16.h [code]AT86RF230 adapter board wired to STK500 with Atmega16(L)
board_stkm8.h [code]AT86RF230 adapter board wired to STK500 with Atmega8(L)/Atmega88(L)
board_tiny230.h [code]Minimalistic Board with ATtiny84 / AT86RF230 by DL8DTL
board_wdba1281.h [code]Meshnetics Meshbean Development Board WDB-A1281-(P1,A1,E2,Amp) with ATmega1281 and AT86RF230
board_zgbl.h [code]ATZGB ZGB-LINK-{230,231,212} modules
const.h [code]Definitions for General Constants
hif.h [code]Interface for HostInterface functions
ioutil.h [code]Interface for IO Utility Library libio_<board>.a
radio.h [code]Interface for Radio Library libradio_<board>.a
timer.h [code]Interface for Timer functions
transceiver.h [code]Interface for Transceiver Access Functions

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