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What is it about?

The Áracoli project intends to demonstrate capabilities and usage of Atmel’s IEEE-802.15.4 radio transceivers (AT86RF23x, AT86RF212, ATmega128RFA1) in combination with AVR 8 bit microcontrollers (e.g. ATmega16, ATmega1281, ATtiny84, …).

The library liburacoli_<board>.a runs on platforms with Atmels IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceivers and MCUs and compiles with avr-gcc and avr-libc. It provides basic functions to control of the radio transceiver, starting from simple register read/write and ending up with high level functions like CCA based transmission or address filter based frame reception with acknowledgement.

Additionally access to GPIO (e.g. LEDs and KEYs), timer and UART ressources of the embedded platforms is provided. Nevertheless the radio functions can be used standalone, without any need for using this additional drivers. This approach gives an aplication developper full control over the microcontroller ressources.

Because there are many different variants of hardware platforms with the above mentioned microcontrollers and radio transceivers, Áracoli provides a platform abstraction concept, which allows the easy definition and integration of new hardware platforms into the project.

Latest News


Application to Chemnitz Linux Days 2020 supplied. Stay tuned: Embedded Software mal anders - we checkout ESP8266 and MicroPython.


Visit the Radiofaro team at Berlin / Makerfaire / Booth 130, June 10th/11th 2017.


The Áracoli-Arduino-Support-Package and Documentation is now hosted on http://www.radiofaro.de


Blog Post about Using Docker Containers for Embedded Software Development

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