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Current Release

  • uracoli-src-0.4.2.zip
    This package contains the source code of the libraries and the examples. GNU Makefiles and AVRStudio aps-files are provided.

  • uracoli-doc-0.4.2.zip
    This package contains the HTML documentation of the project.

  • uracoli-devel-0.4.2.zip
    This package contains a repository snapshot. Beside the tools for the package uracoli-src-<version>.zip it needs scons, python, doxygen and graphviz to build. This package is needed, if you want to create an own board definition.

  • uracoli-sniffer-0.4.2.zip
    The sniffer package contains precompiled sniffer binaries together with the Python serial-to-wireshark bridge script and the documentation how to setup the sniffer

  • uracoli-arduino-0.4.2.zip
    This is a third party package for the Arduino IDE and the RadioFaro/ZigBit Hardware plattform

Special Packages

  • uracoli-epj00-1.0.zip
    This package contains the software for the article "Funkübertragung mit IEEE 802.15.4 Transceivern - nicht nur für Profis" (german) in the Embedded Projects Journal #14, S.22.

  • uracoli-sensorlogger-1.0.zip
    This package contains the sensor data logger application presented on the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2011, for details refer to here.

Previous Releases


In order to compile uracoli-0.2.0 sources with GCC >= 4.6.x, apply the following patch. It fixes some missing const directives for flash data structures:

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