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As prerequisites a working AVR toolchain and the source code, either in form of the source code package or a checked out version is needed.

Building from the source package

The package entitled uracoli-src-<version>.zip contains the source code of the libraries and examples for all boards together. The compiling is done with GNU-Make. For the examples there are also AVRStudio *.aps files included. Additionaly it is recommended to donwload the file uracoli-doc-<version>.zip, which contains the doxygen project documentation in HTML format.

The source package allows you to build the libraries, examples and selected applications for the standard uracoli defined boards. If you want to add you own board or modification of a board refer to the development build section.

Building firmware with the source package requires gnu-make and the avrtools.

Initially unpack the current source package with the command unzip uracoli-src-<version>.zip.

|-- bin           [application hex files]
|-- lib           [libraries]
|-- inc           [include files]
|   `-- boards
|-- src           [library sources]
|   |-- libioutil
|   `-- libradio
|-- wibo          [wireless bootloader sources]
|-- wuart         [wireless uart sources]
`-- xmpl          [example source code]
Build the libraries
  • make -C src list show the supported boards.

  • make -C src rdk230 build the libraries for the "rdk230" board.

  • make -C wuart rdk230 build wireless uart application for the "rdk230" board.

Building from the development package

The entire source tree is obtained either from a development package uracoli-devel-<version>.zip or from the source code repository.

Building firmware with the development package requires scons, python and the avrtools.

The uracoli source tree looks so:

|-- Contrib            [special applications]
|   |-- Arduino
|   |-- littleGee
|   |-- PacketCapture
|   `-- Rose
|-- Doc                [documentation sources]
|   |-- App
|   |-- Contrib
|   |-- Dev
|   |-- Images
|   `-- Usr
|-- Src
|   |-- Lib            [library sources]
|   |-- App            [application sources]
|   `-- Xmpl           [example sources]
|-- Templates          [template files]
`-- Tools              [additional python build scripts]
Building with scons

Show build options with the command scons -h.

A specific build step is triggered with the command scons [target]. Cleaning the results of this build step is done with the command scons -c [target].

Target Description


libraries and applications for all plattforms




build a source code package


build the code for a specific board refer to scons -h or to the file Src/Lib/Inc/boards/board.cfg

Adding custom boards

How a custom board is added to the uracoli package is described in this section.

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