Data Fields

node_config_t Struct Reference
[Board Definitions]

Data Fields

uint8_t _reserved_ [2]
uint8_t channel
uint8_t crc
uint64_t ieee_addr
uint16_t pan_id
uint16_t short_addr

Detailed Description

Structure for preconfigured constants that are stored at FLASHEND in programm memory or in the EEPROM.

See also get_node_config(), get_node_config_eeprom() and store_node_config_eeprom().

Field Documentation

For future extensions, but can be used to store user data.

The radio channel.

Ibutton CRC to validate if the structure is correct.

The MAC address of the node (EUI64).

The PAN ID (network ID) of the node.

The short address of the node.

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