Setup on Windows


  1. download the ┬Áracoli source package and unpack it
  2. open a command shell window with cmd.exe
  3. change to the to top directory
    cd /d z:/mysrc/uracoli-ZZZ
  4. build the sniffer application
    scons a[PLF]
    [PLF] is the name of your target plattform (see "scons help")
  5. program your target plattform with the application "sniffer_[PLF].hex", e.g. with AvrStudio
  6. verify, that the fuses of the MCU match the predfined values in grpBoard.
  7. start wireshark
  8. enter the interface name \\.\pipe\foo as life capture interface.
  9. start the application
    python Contrib/PacketCapture/ -p COM12 -i foo
  10. if erything worked well until here, you will see in the cmd shell window:
    uracoli sniffer to wireshark bridge V0.1.0
     OPTS:   -v -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -i foo
     INPUT:  COM12, channel: 15
     OUTPUT: foo
    + waiting for somebody to open the pipe
  11. in wireshark select "Capture -> Start" from the menu of The background of wireshark turns white.
  12. in the command shell window type "chan X", to select the channel you want to watch.
  13. .... now start sending packages in your WSN

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