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Capture converter script.

This script implements a bridge between a file or a serial port to a socket. This socket is the interface for wireshark/libpcap in order to do a live capture.

How the script is used is described here.

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namespace  ieee802154


def ieee802154::do_exit
 exit handler, prompts on all Non-*NIX systems for "ENTER" in order to see the last error message in the terminal.
def ieee802154::do_quit
 Terminate all instances of the IO classes.
def ieee802154::print_banner
 print startup message with some essential information about the current configuration.
def ieee802154::print_help
 print a list of the commands available on the "cmd:" prompt
def ieee802154::print_options
def ieee802154::process_command
 process interactive command
def ieee802154::process_command_line_args
 Interpretation of command line options.


tuple ieee802154::cmd = raw_input("cmd:")
tuple ieee802154::CTX = ProgramContext()
 ieee802154::DEVIN = None
 This class instance stores the global programm context.
tuple ieee802154::DEVOUT = PipeOut()
tuple ieee802154::gui = CtrlGui(lambda : do_quit(['gui']))
int ieee802154::run = 1
string ieee802154::VERSION = "0.1"

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