board_zgbta2.h File Reference

Meshnetics Zigbit ATmega1281-A2 with ATmega1281 and AT86RF230. More...

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#define HWTIMER_REG   (TCNT1)
#define HWTIMER_TICK_NB   (0xFFFFUL+1)
#define HWTMR_PRESCALE   (1)
#define LED_NUMBER   (0)
#define NO_KEYS   (1)
#define NO_LEDS   (1)
#define TIMER_INIT()
#define TIMER_IRQ_vect   TIMER1_OVF_vect
#define TIMER_POOL_SIZE   (4)

Detailed Description

Meshnetics Zigbit ATmega1281-A2 with ATmega1281 and AT86RF230.

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The wiring of the radio and the ATmega is shown below:

     AVR      RF230
     ---      -----
     PB4  -->  SLPTR
     PE5  <--  IRQ (INT5)
     PA7  -->  RSTN
     PB0  -->  SS
     PB2  -->  MOSI
     PB3  <--  MISO
     PB1  -->  SCK
     XTAL1 <--  MCLK
    uracoli settings:
     LF: 0xe2 - 8MHz internal RC Osc.
     HF: 0x91 - without boot loader (0x11 for debugging)
     HF: 0x90 - with boot loader    (0x10 for debugging)
     EF: 0xff
     LOCK: 0xef - protection of boot section
    original settings
     LF: 0x62 - RC oscillator 1 MHz
     HF: 0x9c - JTAG enabled, ISP enabled, reset to bootloader,
                1024 words bootloader size
     EF: 0xff - no brownout
    Start at byte=0x1e000, address=0xf000, size = 4096 instructions/ 8192 bytes

Build Options

Define Documentation

#define HWTMR_PRESCALE   (1)

UART0 is routed to the ISP pins, alternatively, UART1 can be used.

  • CS1[2:0] = 1 : Prescaler = 1
  • WGM1[3:0] = 0 : Mode = 4 : CTC operation

Timer is clocked at F_CPU, and TIMER_IRQ_vect is called every 65535 ticks.

#define LED_NUMBER   (0)

number of LEDs for this board

#define TIMER_INIT (  ) 
do{ \
        TCCR1B |= (_BV(CS10));\
        TIMSK1 |= _BV(TOIE1); \

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